3d AV Rover

The 3D AVRover integrates the best in hardware, software, and content for a truly remarkable 3D learning experience.

Proven to increase test scores and retention by as much as 33%, the 3D AVRover is certain to inspire students and enhance lessons. Also serves as a great recruiting tool for schools.

Bringing lessons to life is easy with the 3D AVRover. Simply plug your system in, turn it on, and you have the highest quality 3D videos, interactive objects, and virtual simulations for your whole class to enjoy.

The 3D AVRover includes a 3D DLP Projector, 3D Computer with 3D Content, 3 built in speakers, mixer amplifier with microphone input as well as XLR out, laptop connections, 2 locking storage drawers, retractable power cord, heavy duty casters, and much more.

Eureka.in by Designmate

One of the most popular Stereoscopic 3D content packages for education is Eureka in by Designmate. Designmate’s unique blend of 3D videos, simulations, experiments, learning activities, quizzes, texts, images, and learning objects have revolutionized the way students across the world understand key concepts in Math and Science including Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

  • 225 Elementary School topics in the Sciences
  • 490 Middle School topics in Math and Science
  • 1018 High School topics in Math and Science
  • Universal package (Elementary + Middle + High School topics)
  • Post-Secondary Math and Science package

Cyberscience 3D by Cyber Anatomy

Cyberscience 3D content includes incredibly detailed, interactive models, spanning the subjects of Botany, Human Anatomy, Zoology, Microbiology, Chemistry and Engineering.  Students can explore, dissect and manipulate virtual 3D objects at a varying level of difficulty, making Cyberscience suitable for a variety of grade levels. Includes 217 interactive objects. ​

  • Cyberscience 3D (217+ interactive objects)​

Amazing Interactives Content Packages

Amazing Interactives 3D content helps students understand key concepts in Math and Science. Visual concepts that can be challenging for some students, such as mirroring an image across the x or y axis are demonstrated in stunning 3D floating right before the students’ eyes for a truly remarkable learning experience.

  • For Middle/High School: Biology, Chemistry, Math, Discover the Senses, Discover the Respiratory System
  • For Elementary School:​ Toyshop Math, Seaside Punctuation, The Wizard Spells, Farmyard Phonemes, Captain Jack’s Undersea Maths, Clockshop Time, Sun, Moon & Earth