ABB’s smallest ever multipurpose industrial robot weighs just 25kg and can handle a payload of 3kg (4kg for vertical wrist) with a reach of 580mm. It is a cost-effective and reliable choice for generating high production outputs in return for low investment.

A white finish Clean Room ISO 5 (Class 100) version, certified by IPA, is also available.

The IRB 120T is the benchmark for rapid pick and place applications requiring extreme flexibility combined with industry leading 10 micron repeatability. While keeping its trademark compact, agile and lightweight features, the six-axis IRB 120T variant delivers a substantial increase in the maximum speeds of axis 4,5 and 6, resulting in cycle time improvements of up to 25%.

The IRB 120 robot is the latest addition to ABB’s new fourth-generation of robotic technology and ABB’s smallest robot ever produced. Ideal for material handling and
assembly applications, the new IRB 120 robot provides an agile, compact and lightweight solution with superior control and path accuracy.


  • Weighs: 25kg
  • Payload: 3kg
  • Reach: 580mm
  • Axis Movement: Range (Effective Speed)
    • Axis 1 Rotation: +165° to -165° (250 °/s)
    • Axis 2 Arm: +110° to -110° (250 °/s)
    • Axis 3 Arm: +70° to -110° (250 °/s)
    • Axis 4 Wrist: +160° to -160° (320 °/s)
    • Axis 5 Bend: +120° to -120° (320 °/s)
    • Axis 6 Turn: +400° to -400° (420 °/s)