Advanced Robotic Programming with easyC

One-Day Hands-On Workshop!

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Advanced Programming with easyC

Hundreds of schools have found success with Intelitek’s Robotics Engineering Curriculum (REC). REC provides a comprehensive study of engineering concepts including physics, programming, mechanical systems, electrical and electronics systems.

These core concepts are delivered through relevant activities and projects using the award winning Vex Robotics hardware and easyC® robotic programming software.

By using robotics competitions as a vehicle to convey the principles of engineering, REC generates excitement and enthusiasm for the engineering field!


  • Programming and Hardware Review
  • Subroutines and Functions
  • Competition Programming
  • Conditional Programming
  • Advanced Sensors


In this advanced programming workshop, you will learn how easy it is to leverage easyC’s more involved programming concepts! Create complex programs through the simple interface and achieve greater dynamic control over your robot using intuitive functions!

Through step-by-step activities covering robot assembly and programming, teams learn to program a competitive robot for both autonomous and operator control. Activities enable teams to quickly understand and apply the concepts many teams struggle with, like encoders, ultrasonic sensors and line followers.

This tuition-free workshop demonstrates how to harness the instructional value of robotics in a successful program, presented especially for teachers & administrators.

Work with easyC and see how this proven program can prepare your students for exciting education and career opportunities.