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ATech delivers quality training systems and courseware in automotive repair for high schools and technical schools.

The goal of the ATech automotive program is to transform students into entry level technicians in the most efficient manner possible. We know from experience that students gain skills and acquire knowledge most effectively when using a hands-on approach as opposed to just reading or listening.

The A-Tech training model incorporates trainers and simulators into the lab in order to shorten the diagnostic learning curve. ATech labs require a smaller footprint, accommodate more students while enabling instructors to focus attention where needed. Task coverage is predetermined as part of the curriculum, which reduces the time spent on curriculum development and increases student interaction time. With trainers, students can first learn how a system works and then practice troubleshooting before moving on to actual vehicles. This approach emphasizes to new technicians that diagnostics are performed by thinking first, and that they must practice troubleshooting in order to develop diagnostic proficiency.

The implementation of trainers allows students to progress through a program with more actual troubleshooting time, and less time spent removing pieces that do not pertain to that specific system. With all the components removed and placed on a panel, it becomes easy to see and measure an operational system. After operational understanding is accomplished, the next step would be to practice troubleshooting on the system trainer. Once a students can successfully troubleshoot on a trainer, the student is ready to work on live vehicles. At this point, the transfer of skills is complete; performed in a progressive and focused manner resulting from a more efficient delivery mechanism.

ATech Automotive Training

ATech Automotive Training