autoSIM-200 software allows students to test their programs on a virtual system before applying them to a physical system. It is the ideal complement to training equipment because it enables a more efficient use of the laboratory. autoSIM-200 can also be used independent of actual training systems.

autoSIM-200 provides dynamic design and simulation plus control of 2D and 3D virtual machines predefined by the user or developed by SMC International Training. autoSIM-200 includes a virtual PLC to control the circuits / models under simulation and allows communication with SMC’s entire range of training systems.

Design and simulation
With autoSIM-200, it is possible to carry out dynamic, multi-color simulations using pneumatic, electropneumatic, hydraulic, electrohydraulic, electrical and electronic circuits. It is also possible to carry out mathematical models of systems and acquire and process electrical signals (instrumentation).

autoSIM-200 can be used to create Grafcet diagrams, Ladder, Logigramme (logic gates) and function blocks with structured text. By running the simulation, it is possible to monitor and control the application step by step.

Monitoring and control
autoSIM-200 can be used to monitor and control 3D processes. Using a data acquisition card (SAI2443), physical inputs and outputs can be supervised and controlled.

autoSIM-200 software can import three dimensional models from 3D Studio and Solidworks. SMC International Training also provides a range of product applications ready to run with the system.