The HAS-200 system reproduces a production process with a high level of automation to help students develop the professional capacities required in diverse sectors such as automotive, semiconductor, food, pharmaceutical, etc.

Aspects such as aesthetics, user motivation and the development of transversal skills (such as teamwork) have been taken into account in the conception and design process. At the university level, the HAS-200 system represents a powerful development platform for research projects.

The HAS-200 allows users to manufacture 19 different products. The raw material includes containers with four label types (red, blue, yellow and multi-colored). Each label has a bar code to identify the product throughout the process.

HAS-201: Multi-colored container feeding
This station supplies the system with empty containers to be filled with multicolored beads.

HAS-202, HAS-203 and HAS-204: Production
The production stations perform the feeding, filling, and weighing of blue (HAS-202), yellow (HAS-203), and red (HAS-204) containers respectively. It can also enable filling multi-colored containers coming from station HAS-201.

HAS-205 and HAS-206: Checking
These two stations measure the height of the raw material contained in the containers. The HAS-205 station uses a linear encoder for measuring, while the HAS-206 station takes the measurement using a linear potentiometer.

HAS-207: Lid positioning
In this station the lid is positioned on the container and a label is printed with the manufacturing date and/or other information for final product identification.

HAS-208: Vertical storage
This station makes it possible to store containers, either in process or finished product. It can hold up to 81 containers. The storage cells are arranged vertically.

HAS-209: Horizontal storage
This station stores containers, either in process or finished product. It can hold up to 56 containers. The storage cells are arranged horizontally.

HAS-210: Palletizing
This station removes the final product from the process, placing it in two ramps for palletizing and dispatch.

HAS-211: Raw material store
This station handles the storage of raw material: containers, lids and “pearls” in different colors: blue, yellow and red.

HAS-212: Recycling station
This station separates the mixed raw material used in HAS-200 by color.

Control cabinet
The Control Cabinet holds the general air supply and electric network, general emergency switch, and Ethernet network.