The MAP-200 series consists of seven independent and different training systems.

MAP-201 – Part feeder with detector and ejector for incorrect parts
Gravity feeds parts which are checked for orientation. If the part is incorrectly positioned, it is rejected.

MAP-202 – Vacuum-held handling device with two shafts
Performs a Pick & Place movement of a part using vacuum grippers

MAP-203 – Vertical revolving handling device with internal gripper
Moves a part from one position to another using a rotating manipulator fitted with an inside gripper.

MAP-204 – Horizontal rotolinear handling device with external gripper
Transfers a part from one position to another using a roto-linear manipulator fitted with an external gripper.

MAP-205 – Assembly minicell
Integrates the four systems: MAP-201, MAP-202, MAP-203, MAP-204, to form an assembly minicell. The troubleshooting simulation system TROUB-200 is included. TROUB-200 generates up to 16 different breakdowns to be diagnosed by the user.

MAP-206 – Handling device using electric actuators
The MAP-206 can perform several handling operations on metal parts using a system of 3 electrical Cartesian axes, two of them servo-controlled.

MAP-207 – Handling device for parts classification
This system performs an automated process of classification and rejection of components made of various materials and sizes.

Each of the above carries out a simple assembly process by reproducing subsets of more complex processes found in industry. They can all incorporate the TROUB-200 trouble-shooting simulation system. Each is offered in three different versions to meet each client’s different requirements:

  • Without PLC – Fully assembled, adjusted, and wired. No PLC included.
  • With PLC – Fully assembled, programmed, and tested. Available with a wide variety of PLC brands.
  • Assembly kit – Supplied as a complete kit of parts. In addition to the practical activities normally available, students carry out assembly and equipment adjustment as well as pneumatic and electrical wiring. The assembly instructions and drawings are provided. No PLC is included.