WESTT CS/BV Virtual Engine Test Bench

The virtual engine test bench WESTT CS/BV is a very innovative hardware-in-the-loop system where students are immersed in a realistic simulation of the DGEN turbofan engine. It can be used as a teaching aid during lectures or as an interactive tool for practical courses in many topics related to gas turbines.

The WESTT CS/BV is a multipurpose simulation test bench of the DGEN 380 and of its ECU (Engine Control Unit). This innovative and interactive tool is the ideal platform to develop insight into the characteristics of a turbofan engine.


  • Real time simulation of the main engine performance data
  • Dynamic 3D visualization of the engine
  • Thermodynamic and aerodynamic explorations
  • DGEN control system with access to the engine regulation code
Fields of Application
The WESTT CS/BV station is an ideal tool for up-to-date and practical education and research in a wide range of fields. The simplicity of the engine’s architecture and its very high and innovative technology make the station appropriate for all levels of study.

  • The reprogrammable regulation code and the failures simulation module allow for the study of the engine’s control system and its modern all-electric concept.
  • The simulated engine lends itself to proficient thermodynamic and aerodynamic explorations.
  • Dedicated 3D views are ideal for understanding the turbofan architecture, learning about the oil and fuel systems and practicing to engine maintenance.