WESTT SE-HP Core Engine Assembly Station

WESTT SE-HP is a compact assembly station of the DGEN engine’s high pressure spool. Focusing on the core engine parts, the WESTT SE-HP station is intended for any introductory course in general mechanics and engine maintenance.

It features:

  • A typical mechanical construction with shaft, bearings and original rotating parts
  • A dedicated tooling set and intuitive documentation conceived especially for the needs of education
  • A smart open cradle, thus making the station a valuable illustrative tool in a theoretical class

Fields of Application

The WESTT SE-HP station includes the original core engine parts of the DGEN turbofan engine and is therefore ideal for all applications dealing with aircraft engine design.

In general mechanics and mechanical engineering:

  • Introduction to turbo machinery
  • Study of technological parts (compressor, bearings, turbine…)
  • Metrology

In aviation maintenance and maintenance engineering:

  • EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Basic Training
  • Assembling and disassembling technics
  • Assembly plan’s design

As for all WESTT products, Price Induction delivers practical course guidelines for the WESTT SE-HP station in the topics below, making it a true key-in-the-hand solution.

  • Understanding of plans
  • Assembling-Disassembling
  • Maintenance
  • Metrology
  • Study of technological parts