Complete Miller Welding Solutions

We have standard packages made to fit right into your program as well as custom options available. Through Miller Welding we offer booths, welding units, consumables, PPE and welding accessories.

Our Standard booth is the Miller S-Series ArcStation. Forget about welding on the floor or makeshift benches. Engineered specifically for the welding process, ArcStation is just the right height for you to work comfortably, safely, and quickly. You can customize your workbench with a wide range of handy accessories, and organize everything you need in one convenient workbench.

Count on Miller to create a workbench that makes welding faster and easier. ArcStationTM is the first-ever workbench designed for welding and metalworking.

Miller ArcStation Features

All-steel construction and thoughtful performance features make our ArcStations built to last.

ArcStation is available with a variety of accessories that you can mix and match to suit your individual needs.

With numerous sizes, styles, and onfigurations to choose from, you can find an ArcStation that fits your projects and budget.