DIY Drone Package

This is our own sUAS (small Unmanned Arial System) that will be offered individually or with our curriculum. This package comes with everything you need to build your own quadcopter sUAS.

The eSTEM uSAS has an EPP Foam frame and brushless motors, motor controllers, and power wiring. It is an ideal configuration for beginners or those who want a simpler kit and less assembly time. It uses a MultiWii architecture flight controller which can be configured and customized on PC, Mac, or Linux systems. The MultiWii architecture uses a highly customizable open source software code base. To simplify configuration, SI Drones provides pre configured controller firmware and flight parameters in the online assembly guides. As users advance their skills, they can take advantage of unlimited hardware and software customization options.

EPP Foam Bumper, Motors & Motor Controllers, Flight Controller, R/C Receiver, Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) Battery, Plastic center frame and carbon fiber support booms, propellers.

Available Options
HD Camera, FPV capabilities, GPS, Sensors.


Drone Size: 360 mm
Drone Weight: 600 grams (without the battery)
Drone battery: 1500 mAh LiPo
Controller: Spektrum R/C Transmitter 2.4 ghz
Flight time: 15 Minutes