Fuel3D Scanify

Right out of the box SCANIFY captures a 3D image in just a tenth of second with incredible detail, down to 350 microns. SCANIFY’s full-color 3D scans are great for capturing organic shapes, skin and artifacts.

SCANIFY® is the high-speed, high resolution, handheld 3D scanner that allows you to quickly and easily capture 3D models of everyday objects for 3D printing or on-screen applications.

Fuel3D Studio 2.2

Our exclusive software has been designed to ensure easy capture and manipulation of your high resolution 3D SCANIFY scans. Through multiple download options the extended features have something to offer all 3D enthusiasts from entry level to expert.

  • Measure
  • Crop Scans
  • Stitch Scans Together with ease
  • Patch Holes in Scans
  • Prepare Scans for 3D Prints
  • Professional Version is Free with Scanify