Workplace Modular Systems

Drawing from more than 15,000 unique components already designed, and adding more every day, Workplace Design Specialists are able to configure a solution for even the most unique application requirements. The result is a custom-configured, made in the USA, workstation at the catalog price of a pre-built table.

Task requirements are never the same. So Workplace ve designed their workstations and accessories for maximum flexibility, whether your task requirement is for production, assembly, or distribution. Workplace is just as comfortable in a lab, classroom, or research facility.

If their selection of standard product options and accessories doesn’t meet your precise needs, Workplace has the engineering expertise, manufacturing skills, and experience to modify existing products. They can even design what you need from the ground up.

Some of the common classroom solutions can be seen in these graphics. These are some of the millions of configurations and combinations. Every Workplace workstation is custom-configured by Design Specialists to meet your exact requirements.

To discuss your specific requirements for a Workplace work station, please contact us.