Helmel Checkmaster

The compact Checkmaster is a bench top CMM ideal for lab or production floor.

Checkmaster Reliability

Hardened steel ways and steel scales on steel structures offer uniform linear expansion minimizing thermal errors. Checkmaster is well priced so you can put competent inspection capability in multiple locations throughout your plant.

Intrinsic Accuracy Manual CMMs

We test every CMM before it leaves the factory for repeatability and accuracy to ensure it meets specification according to ASME B89.4.1a-1998. Accuracy is intrinsic: Checkmaster is manufactured by Helmel to be straight, flat, square and true physically without having to apply a costly software error map to make it right.

Standard Features

  • Tubular bridge style design
  • Precision bearings on hard and ground ways
  • Granite base with 3/8-16 clamping inserts
  • Locks and fine adjustment on all axes
  • Adjustable counter balance
  • Non-contact optical steel scales on steel structure
  • .5µm (.000020”) Resolution
  • Wired for Renishaw Touch Probes
  • USB Scale and Probe interface
  • Latest computer hardware
  • Flat Panel Monitor
  • Powerful GEOMET Junior Plus 3D Software
  • On-line user guide and on-line help for GEOMET
  • Geowidget training part and manual
  • 1″ (25.4mm) Calibration Sphere
  • On-line access to software upgrades
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Cabinet or stand is optional

Available Options
Renishaw Probe System TP-ES and MH20i, Probe heads PH6 and MH8 with TP20, Cabinet with monitor arm, GEOMET 101 or 301, Color printer, Clamp kit, Casters on Cabinet for portability.
Measuring Range Model 112-102 Model 216-142
X 300mm (12″) 400mm (16″)
Y 300mm (12″) 500mm (20″)
Z 250mm (10″) 350mm (14″)
Overall Size Model 112-102 Model 216-142
X 635mm (25″) 735mm (29″)
Y 685mm (27″) 915mm (36″)
Z 965mm (38″) 1150mm (45″)
Weight 230lbs (105kg) 330lbs (150kg)
Utility Model 112-102 Model 216-142
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz 10A
Volumetric Accuracy 0.00034″ 0.00038″
Linear Accuracy 0.00016” + 0.000005” per inch
(4.5 μm + L / 200 μm)
L measured in mm