HYDROMODEL-200 meets training needs for technology related to hydraulic components in a very visual way. The parts are made up of a transparent methacrylate body with internal industrial metal parts. Using this system, it is possible to see inside the components as they operate, becoming familiar with them and understanding how they work.

HERMETIC CONNECTIONS – The hoses, as well as the different devices, are connected to each other with a system of quick-fit self-sealing connectors NW4 1/8”. This system guarantees a maximum level of fluid integrity with ZERO LEAKAGE even during connection / disconnection operations.

FIXING TO THE PANEL – Each component includes a fixing system to aid quick and simple preparation of practical exercises.


HYDROMODEL-200 has 3 standard kits defined to cover training demands at different educational levels. Users can configure personalized sets to meet their own requirements or add to previously purchased equipment.

  • MOD-201: Transparent hydraulic level I kit
  • MOD-202: Transparent hydraulic level II kit
  • MOD-203: Transparent electro-hydraulic kit


autoSIM-200 is software that can design and simulate pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, hydraulic circuits, etc. It is also used for programming them plus monitoring and control of pre-defined 2D and 3D models.

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