Hydraulic drives continue to be used in numerous applications in automated industry. With HYDROTRAINER-200 you will be able to meet all your training requirements in the technology related to these drives.

Designed using top-quality industrial materials it has everything required in order to start working from the very first day.

TABLE / MOVING ASSEMBLY FRAME – The moving frame within the HYDROTRAINER-200 system has a double sided assembly panel with tables sufficiently large for performing practical work at ease on either sides. It is assembled on four wheels, two of which have a brake, which enables moving and holding it in the classroom simply and comfortably. It includes a glass for volumetric measurements on each side of the panel. The lower section has a support shelf for holding the hydraulic powerpack and storage drawers for components.

HERMETIC CONNECTIONS – The hoses, as well as the different devices, are connected to each other with a system of quick-fit self-sealing connectors. This system guarantees a maximum level of tightness whereby ZERO DRIPPING occurs even during connection/disconnection operations.

FIXING TO THE PANEL– Each component includes a fixing system devised in such a way as to aid the quick and simple preparation of the practical exercises.

HYDROTRAINER-200 has 5 standard kits defined to cover training requirements at different educational levels. Also, the user can configure personalized sets to meet their needs or complement a previously purchased kit.


  • HYD-201: Hydraulics level I kit
  • HYD-202: Hydraulics level II kit
  • HYD-203: Electro-hydraulics kit
  • HYD-206: Proportional hydraulics: level I kit
  • HYD-207: Proportional hydraulics: level II kit


autoSIM-200 is software that can design and simulate pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, hydraulic circuits, etc. It is also used for programming them plus monitoring and control of pre-defined 2D and 3D models.

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