Intelitek CPT Prep Add-on Package

In combination with the Foundation Skills, the Intelitek CPT Prep Curriculum completes the series of industry relevant courses that teaches students the skills and knowledge required to succeed in industry and take the CPT certification exam.

Safety Fundamentals
Safety fundamentals is one of the most important aspects of an industrial training program. This dedicated safety module explores all aspects of manufacturing and workplace safety with the objective of educating students about safety norms, procedures and laws. Students will have a high level of regard for safety practices after completing this course.

Fundamentals of Pneumatics
This introduces the principles of pneumatics and pneumatically controlled systems commonly used in automated manufacturing environments. Pneumatic simulation software allows you to create, modify, operate and observe simulated industrial grade pneumatic and electro-pneumatic devices and circuits. Students will connect different components, change physical parameters and observe system responses. The module emphasizes basic skills in operating simulation software and industrial components.

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)
This module exposes students to automation and industrial applications by combining CNC technology with robotics and materials handling. Students develop and edit programs, record precise robotic positions, accurately mill parts, and synchronize mill and robot operation. Students gain “virtual hands-on” experience in CNC and robot programming, especially in I/O commands. Students design solutions for industrial FMS applications with emphasis on real industrial concerns, such as optimization and accurate machine tending.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
This module fully replicates industrial CIM using the OpenCIM Software. The activities include parts and production flow, storage setup, production planning, machine definition, defining product parts and processes, timing and optimization and integrated production. The course introduces the basic concepts, procedures and key stages of CIM production as well as the main components and devices in a basic CIM cell.