Intelitek Electric Control Systems

From motor controls to industrial electronics and PLCs, the Electrical Systems series consists of industry-standard equipment and cutting-edge hands-on courseware. Each skills-based exercise has been field tested by qualified maintenance technicians.

Add the Electrical Systems packages to your JobMaster Learning Station to deliver comprehensive training in electrical maintenance.

Overload/Overcurrent Protection and Monitoring (EA02)

Delivers hands-on skills in the methods and devices used to protect industrial electric circuits

Three-phase Transformers (EA03)

Delivers hands-on skills in installing, operating and troubleshooting transformers. Students learn about transformer principles and read transformer symbols

Electric Motors (EA04)

Hands-on activities in all aspects of industrial motor operation: wiring motor circuits, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Electro-magnetic Motor Starters (EA07)

Features skills-based curriculum and hands-on activities operating and troubleshooting industrial motor controls.

Relays, Timers and Time Delay Relays (EA08)

Delivers hands-on skills needed for working with and troubleshooting analog and digital relays and timers.

Pilot Devices (EA09)

Delivers hands-on skills with various pilot devices used in motor control, including photo-electric, proximity and limit switches.

Solid-State Reduced Voltage Starters (EA11)

Students learn the critical skills involved with installing, adjusting and operating solid-state motor starters.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) (EA12)

Delivers comprehensive coverage of installing, operating and troubleshooting variable frequency drives (VFDs) in motor control circuits.

DC Motor Control (EA16)

Students learn the principles or DC motor drives and develop the skills needed for installing operating and testing DC drives.