Intelitek JobMaster Plasma Cutter Pro

Intelitek’s JobMaster Plasma Cutter Pro systems include a range of plasma cutting tables for education that are engineered to deliver optimal repeatability and performance for your classroom or FabLab.

With several sizes to choose from, the Plasma Cutter Pro machines fit easily into any classroom and require no assembly, arriving at your facility ready to use. These plasma mechanized systems are used to cut a wide range of conductive materials, including mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and other metals.Plasma Cutter for Sign Shops, Metal Art, Etc.

The JobMaster Plasma Cutter Pro is a complete turnkey solution. All systems come with a 4” or 8” deep water table, a PC-Based Controller with Control Software, VCarve Pro CAD Software (40 seats Educational License), SheetCAM TNG Software, Sign Torch Software, Plasma Station/Arc Voltage Height Control, Magnetic Breakaway, and a Floating Head Switch. Choose from a variety of different bundles that include all of the necessary components needed to get you started cutting quickly or configure a custom system depending on your school’s needs.

Available Options
8″ Deep Waterbed, Added Z Clearance, CNC Router, Pipe Attachment, Fixturing

Hardware Specs

  • Made in the USA
  • Linear precision guide rails
  • Automatic Torch Height Control
  • 4″ or 8″ Deep waterbed
  • Ball screw lifter
  • Rack and Pinion (X,Y)
  • 342 oz/in Stepper Motors
  • (2) Year warranty
  • Technical support for life
  • Full Computer System
  • Full CAD Software
  • Tool Pathing Software
  • Control Software
  • Sign Torch- 5000 DXF Images

Operation Specifications

  • Positioning Accuracy: (+/-) .007
  • Repeatability: (+/-) .002
  • Max. Traverse Speed: 800 IPM
  • Max. Tools: (1) Plasma
  • Max. Plasma System Amperage: 125 amps
  • Max. Production Cut Capacity: 3/4″ Mild Steel, 1/2″ Aluminum, 1/2″ Stainless
2’X2′ 2’X4′ 4’X4′ 4’X8′ 5’X10′
Effective Cutting Width 2’1″ 2’1″ 4’1″ 4’1″ 5’1″
Effective Cutting Length 2’1″ 4’1″ 4’1″ 8’1″ 10’1″
Overall Width 3’6″ 3’6″ 5’6″ 6’6″ 7’6″
Overall Length 38″ 62″ 62″ 110″ 134″
Overall Height 45″
Gantry Height 4″