Intelitek Nano Liquid Level Process Control Trainer

The Nano Liquid Level Process Control Trainer is a standalone training system that simulates industrial plant systems found in oil & gas, chemical and food production plants around the world.

This training system simulates the level control and measurement features of fluid-based processing in a closed loop system.

Trainees learn the impact of other process variables on liquid levels and experience critical steps of installation, configuration, calibration, and commissioning of a process plant.

The Nano Liquid Level Process Control Trainer delivers hands-on experience with the measurements and control of liquid level. This model is equipped with a range of sensors and controls including level transmitters across a feedwater tank and a proportional control valve which adjusts to fluid level changes. Students utilize a PID controller to adjust fluid levels that send instructions to the appropriate valves and actuators over the same network based on variable conditions. They are then able to provide precise data logging and compensate for errors.

Standard Features

  • Industrial Processes scaled down for training labs
  • Modular, easy to install and dismantle
  • Ideal for cost effective, entry level study of Process Control technology
  • Manual parameter input via a PLC control system (HMI/SCADA)
  • Uses safe and non-corrosive process medium (Water and Air)

Curriculum Outline

Solution includes a comprehensive training program covering:

  • Fundamentals of Process Control
  • Process Measurement
  • Control Theory
  • Principles of Instrumentation
  • Plant Commissioning and Optimization
  • Technical Documentation