Fully modular and flexible equipment, comprised of three modules which can work individually or as a complete process line. Various configurations can be created to adapt the IPC-200 equipment to our users different requirements and budgets.

IPC-200 emulates a liquid production and bottling plant and includes the technologies used in continuous process industry, such as pneumatics, electric motors, sensors, continuous processes, programmable controllers, industrial communications, etc.

The training system was developed by an expert team of engineers and pedagogues to enhance professional skills. IPC-200 is built entirely from industrial materials so that student works with the same elements found in the working environment.

IPC-200 is composed of three stations, each of which carries out one part of the process.

  • IPC-201: Production Station: The first station simulates the production phase by processing liquid. There are two versions: the first concentrates on digital control elements (IPC-201) and the other is directed towards the regulation and control of analogue variables (IPC-201C).
  • IPC-202: Bottling Station: The second station reproduces the liquid bottling phase. There are also two versions depending on the type of container feeder.
  • IPC-203: Palletizing Station: The third station stores the containers in a warehouse with 25 positions.

Common element in all stations: Power supply, air treatment unit, indication light, anodized aluminum structure, control keypad, solenoid valve block, labels for cables, electric connection terminals, thermal Trip, unit for communication bus, control PLC* and User manual and practice manual.

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IPC-200 Application for autoSIM-200

We have a 3D application where users can simulate, supervise and control IPC-201C from an autoSIM environment.