Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is a common technology used in sign making, product marking, and many other applicators in industry.

In education, laser engravers often become the most used technology in a FAB Lab or Innovation Lab. They are popular due to the high speed at which they operate and the high student throughput that can result. Often these systems can be used in conjunction with or instead of other technologies like 3-D Printing or CNC machining. The ability to build two and three dimensional objects quickly makes laser engraving a commonly used tool in Engineering, Machine Shop, and Graphic Arts programs in all pertinent training institutions.

Trotec Laser Engravers

Trotec systems are used to cut, engrave and mark a wide range of materials including wood, paper, metal, acrylic, leather, stone, plastics, and more. The company’s extensive line of quality laser systems, coupled with its unmatched service and support offerings, have made Trotec one of the industry’s leading resources for computer controlled engraving equipment and marking systems. Trotec’s Rayjet line offers the quality you expect from Trotec in an economical, plug-and-play package.