Metal 3D Printing

Markforged was founded to solve a problem with manufacturing. Traditional processes like machining or casting produced high-quality, high-performance parts but had multi-week lead times and very high costs. Additive manufacturing was fast and cost-effective but part quality and strength were poor.

In 2014 Markforged released the Mark One, the world’s first continuous composite 3D printer — the first 3D printer able to deliver both the part quality and performance of traditional manufacturing processes as well as the speed and low-cost of additive manufacturing.

At the beginning of 2017 we announced the Metal X. An entirely new way, cost-effective way to 3D print metal parts. Built on our 4th generation 3D printing platform and decades of established metal sintering technologies, the Metal X enables entirely new applications for metal additive manufacturing.

Markforged Metal X
Based on our 4th generation composite 3D printing technology, the Metal X is a brand new kind of 3D printer. By printing metal powder bound in a plastic matrix, we’ve eliminated the safety risks associated with traditional metal 3D printing while enabling new features like closed-cell infill for reduced part weight and cost.

Markforged X7

Built from the ground up for reliable performance, the X7 delivers breakthrough quality and precision in 3D printing. The top-of-the-line industrial grade platform features a strengthened dual nozzle print system that supports Continuous Carbon Fiber and Kevlar reinforcement. Laser inspection scans parts mid-print to ensure dimensional accuracy for the most critical tolerances.

Markforged X5

Featuring the unique dual nozzle print system, the X5 unlocks the ability to weave a strand of Continuous Fiberglass throughout a part to make it as strong as metal. Add that to the all-aluminum unibody enclosure, ultra-flat gantry system, machined aluminum stage with kinematic bed coupling, motor encoders and calibration laser, and tie it all together with software.