Miller LiveArc

The Miller® LiveArc™ welding performance management system is a new and innovative reality-based training system that utilizes a live welding arc, unlike other virtual training solutions. It’s designed to recruit, screen, train, re-qualify and manage the performance of weld operators better, faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods.

Advanced motion-tracking technology provides the critical feedback required for improvement of baseline welding skills. With an easy-to-use touch screen interface, users can guide themselves through assignment selection and pre-weld feedback to acquire desired techniques before moving to actual live arc training experiences.

The system also gives welding instructors the ability to configure assignments and technique parameters. It stores the detailed performance history of each operator. LiveArc is a powerful teaching tool that allows instructors to better manage their time, reduces the cost of teaching materials and accelerates student progress.

Miller’s SmartGun

The SmartGun is an industry-exclusive 400-amp MIG gun featuring built-in LEDs that are tracked by the system’s cameras. The ergonomic soft-grip handle provides tactile vibration feedback that helps guide real-time performance adjustments, reinforcing optimal position and movement.

The SmartGun’s OLED display provides initial visual feedback to guide proper gun positioning. Pushbuttons provide a convenient alternative to the touchscreen for navigation.

Optimize Instructor Efficiency

Assignments can be quickly configured and customized with target values and limits for technique parameters. Data is captured so individual weld operator’s performance can be stored, retrieved and reviewed at any time to monitor ongoing development.

Post-Weld Feedback

User’s performance is scored, graphed and recorded for playback by student or instructor.

Miller’s SmartStinger

New! SmartStinger extends training capabilities to the SMAW process. The LiveArc monitor guides pre-weld positioning with visual feedback.

A Reality-Based Solution

Weld operators benefit from both weld simulations and the incomparable real-world experience of live arc welding. In both modes, LiveArc provides instant, valuable feedback on welding technique to quickly help build skills

Better Training, Faster Results, More Cost Effective

The Miller LiveArc system gives weld operators a superior training experience, delivering immediate, objective feedback in both simulations and live arc welding. Intuitive and easy to use with minimal supervision, LiveArc gets operators welding faster while saving money on supplies, helping instructors deliver more-effective and efficient lessons, and offering the peace of mind of the Miller True Blue Warranty.