Nida Model 110E Console

The Nida Model 110E Test Console provides students with a safe and reliable platform to analyze and explore the operation and characteristics of electronic circuits.

Designed to support single position experiments, the 110E is suitable for the classroom and remote learner at the beginning or advanced level. The trainer serves as a computer-interfaced, current-limited, “smart” power supply for the Nida 130 Series printed circuit boards (experiment cards). Discrete voltages are used to activate the experiment cards allowing students to check, align, and troubleshoot operational electronic circuits using standard electronic test equipment.

  • 1401T – DC Experiment Card Set
  • 1402T – AC Experiment Card Set
  • 1403T – Analog Experiment Card Set
  • 2105T – Digital-I Experiment Card Set
  • 1410 – Soldering Card Set
  • 1410 – Soldering Card Set
  • 1413 – Circuit Construction & Breadboarding Card Set
  • 1435 – Electromagnetic Card Set
  • 1431 – Automotive Electronics Card Set
  • 1470 – Trailer Wiring Experiment Card Set
  • 1471 – Car Audio Experiment Card Set
  • 1461 – Project Certification Experiment Card Set
  • SP-P – SkillsUSA Practice Experiment Card Set