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Power Expander


Use the VEX Power Expander to add a secondary power source for four of the PWM outputs on the VEX Microcontroller. Balance a robot’s motor load across two batteries to extend robot run time and increase performance.

  • Attach a 2nd battery to your robot.
  • Power up to four (4) Motors or Servos
  • Reduce motor load on primary battery
  • Run your robot for longer!
  • Protected by an Internal Circuit Breaker
  • Status port provides feedback to Microcontroller
  • Monitor when your robot trips its breaker
  • Monitor battery voltage
  • Feedback LED shows battery and circuit breaker status
  • PWM Slide Lock keeps cables from coming unplugged

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Product Description

Parts Required

1 Power Expander
Mounting Hardware
PWM Extension Cables (one per motor, optional one for Status)
Additional VEX 7.2v Battery