RobotC Curriculum: VEX CORTEX Video Trainer

The CORTEX Video Trainer using ROBOTC for VEX Robotics provides step-by-step videos, PDFs, rubrics, and so much more to get you up and running with the VEX CORTEX platform.

The video trainer includes tutorials around Programming Fundamentals, the Engineering Process, Cortex Setup Instructions, Building Guides, Movement, Sensors and Program Flow.

The VEX Cortex Video Trainer has been recently updated to include new features and topics, including:

  • How the Gyro Sensor Works
    • How to account for the momentum of the robot when turning
    • How to use the Gyro Sensor to reduce accumulated error
    • How to use the Gyro Sensor to increase turning accuracy

  • How the LCD Works
    • Displaying a custom message
    • Displaying continuously updating sensor values
    • Using the LCD to debug your program
  • Competition Programming
    • Creating a Competition Legal Program with the ROBOTC Competition Template
    • Performing a hardware-based test of a competition program with the VEXnet Competition Switch
    • Testing a competition program through the ROBOTC Debugger with the Programming Hardware Kit
  • Improved Interface
    • Updated to be compatible with the Curriculum Companion Robot Virtual World (Robot Virtual World for VEX license required)
    • Completely redone in HTML5 for maximum compatibility with browsers