Delta 3D Printers & More

In 1996, Steve Wygant founded Blackpoint Engineering. He has a passion for designing,, and automating. The first few years were spent making medical instruments folloengineering, manufacturingwed by many years of manufacturing motorcycle and paintball parts. During that time, Steve designed and built many custom works of automation including lights out robotics and specialty automated equipment. In 2011, he renamed Blackpoint Engineering and started doing business as SeeMeCNC.

SeeMeCNC is dedicated to bringing you amazing desktop 3D printers and more! Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a business who wants to get started fast, we have the 3D printers you need. Our Rostock MAX is the worlds leading delta desktop 3D printer kit. Our Eris sets the standard for entry level pre-built delta machines. We are more than just machines though, our amazing community is one of the most creative and helpful around. With thousands of members from all over the globe, our community brings together some of the most talented and helpful people.