SpectraCAD Engraver

Students are introduced to the basic elements of computer-aided drafting, such as arcs, lines, rectangles, text and circles. Students use polar, relative and absolute coordinates to construct various designs and broaden their learning experience.

Once students have created their CAD drawings, spectraCAD Engraver’s unique engraving feature enables them to easily and quickly generate NC files.

Curriculum Outline

  • Getting Started
  • Using spectraCAD
  • Managing Files
  • Creating the LMC Project
  • Drawing the M
  • Drawing the C
  • Speaker Design Project
  • Creating the Speaker Cone
  • Completing the Speaker Project
  • spectraCAD Engraver
  • Generating an NC File
  • NC Files and Coding
  • Pocketing
  • Pocket Toolpaths and spectraCAM