SpectraCAM Milling

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Milling introduces students to the fundamentals of CAM programs for Milling Machines and their use in industry.

Students use the spectraCAM software, which converts CAD drawings into numerical control (NC) files that can be used to produce parts on a CNC milling center. The spectraCAM software features an integrated CAD drawing package that allows a seamless and easy working environment and includes a graphic tool path simulation package for immediate part proofing.

Activities focus on toolpath generation, contouring, engraving, pocketing, machining operations for ruled and swept surfaces, and code generation.

Curriculum Outline:

  • Getting Started
  • Using SpectraCAM
  • Starting the LMC Project
  • Generating Tool Paths – LMC Project
  • Contouring and NC File Generation
  • Speaker Design Project
  • First Pocket Operation
  • Second Pocket Operation
  • Engraving Text and Generating Code
  • Advanced Operations Setup
  • Advanced Operations
  • Ruled Surfaces
  • Swept Surfaces
  • Final Steps