Trotec Speedy 400

Whether you are a first time laser engraver or a seasoned veteran looking to expand upon your capabilities, Speedy laser engraving machines can make you more productive in the classroom.

With maximum processing speeds of 140 inch/sec, they are the fastest and most versatile laser engravers on the market. The system’s patented low-maintenance design encloses fragile system critical components in a rugged housing, protecting them from dirt and dust, which significantly minimizes maintenance requirements, down time and overall ownership costs.

The Speedy 400 Laser Engraving system is the largest of the speedy series and is the only unit in the speedy series that has a pass through option.

Available Options: Flexx (Dual CO2 and Fiber), Pass Through, Rotary Axis, Air Assist , Focus Lenses.

Machine Specifications

Machinable Area

  • X-Axis Travel: 39″
  • Y-Axis Travel: 24″
  • Max Height of Workpiece: 12″

Operation Specifications

  • Max Processing Speed: 140 in./sec.
  • Laser Power Options:
    • Sealed-Off CO2: 40-120 W
    • Fiber: 10 – 50 W
  • Software: Rayjet Commander


  • Width: 55.1″
  • Depth: 37.4″
  • Height: 42.1″
  • Dimensions with Stand: Yes

Other Specifications

  • Machine Weight: 770 lbs. (Depending on Laser Power)
  • Power Requirements
    • 40 – 80 W: 115v 20A
    • 100 – 120 W: 230v 20A