Verisurf Master3DGage

The flexibility of Master3DGage™ makes it ideal for inspection and reverse engineering.

The multi-axis CMM arm features absolute encoders for quick startup and ultra-high precision measurements while its highly articulated wrist enables you to measure hard to access surfaces by reaching around and under parts. The lightweight, wireless design makes it easy to place the Master3DGage™ right into your CNC machine while the magnetic base locks it into place on the machine bed to inspect parts quickly while maintaining critical part to machine alignment. Optional 3D scanner and hot swappable probes with automatic probe recognition make it easy to change from scanning a complex profile to probing a small feature in seconds. Implementing Master3DGage™ in-process inspection identifies out-of-tolerance conditions sooner, enabling immediate corrective action.

Master3DGage Specifications

  • Calibration certificate: B89.4.22
  • Probing volumetric accuracy: ±0.025mm (.00098 in.)
  • Probing point repeatability: 0.014mm (.00055 in.)
  • Measuring volume: 1.2m (4 ft.) with absolute encoders
  • Weight (system with transit case): 10.2 kg/22.49 lb. (33.5 kg/74 lb.)
  • Universal power supply: 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Operating temperature: 0º C to 50º C (32º F to 122º F)
  • Storage temperature: -30° C to 70° C (-22° F to 158° F)
  • Relative humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
  • Transit case size: 30.5 x 53.3 x 96.5cm (12 x 21 x 38 in.)

Available Master3DGage Options: Short probe kit, Long probe kit, Custom probes, NIST traceable length bar, Threaded stand adapter, 1, 2 & 3-year extended warranties

Verisurf Software

Verisurf metrology software is modular so you can configure the right functionality for your application and budget.

  • Measure, Build, Analyze, Validate and Reverse Engineer Parts
  • Works with all Modern CAD file formats
  • NIST Tested and PTB Certified

Laser Scanner Specifications

  • Accuracy: +40μm 2 sigma
  • Point acquisition rate: 45,000 points/second
  • Points per line: 750 @60Hz
  • Line rate: 60Hz
  • Line width (mid-field): 80mm (3.1 in.)
  • Stand-off distance: 135mm +45mm (5.3in. +1.8)
  • Minimum point spacing: 0.08mm (.0031 in.)
  • Laser power adjustment: Semi-automatic
  • Probe/Scanner Mount: Hot swappable

Available Laser Scanner Options: 3D laser scanner, Scanner cable, Calibration sphere, Rugged transport case