High School STEM Solutions

e-STEM Solutions provides superior high school programs for STEM education, including Engineering, Manufacturing, and Automotive programs.

High School Engineering Program

High School Engineering Program

Engineering Program

Intelitek’s engineering program brings students in touch with the field of engineering, inspiring appreciation for the benefits engineering brings to society and generating excitement for engineering as a rewarding career.

Intelitek’s programs feature innovative content, classroom management technology, quality lab hardware, along with assessments and professional development. Assembled into a comprehensive program, these features truly transform the classroom.

High School Advanced Manufacturing Program

Foundations of Advanced Manufacturing

Foundations of Advanced Manufacturing

Success in today’s workforce requires more than just technical skills. intelitek’s Foundation Skills courses provide job-ready skills for lifelong success.

The Foundations program is the ideal solution for high schools and post-secondary institutions looking provide job ready skills for tomorrows essential careers. This course enables any learner to acquire the foundation skills necessary for lifelong success in the field of Advanced Manufacturing.

High School Machine Tool Program

High School Machine Tool Program

Machine Tool Program

Intelitek is the leader in affordable CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines, with over 13,000 CNC machines installed in industry and education across the world. The Bench and Pro series CNC machines push the envelope for ease-of-use and affordability. Interactive online e-learning courses with fully-integrated web-based simulations offer an unmatched solution for CNC technology training.

High School Automotive Program

Automotive Program


ATech delivers quality training systems and courseware in automotive repair for the high schools and technical schools.